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2019-08-20 07:57:50 onlydog : hi
2019-06-25 21:44:52 admin : Hello everyone! Sorry for the long silence. I was trying to find a good market for CoolindarkCoin. You can exchange it now in NovaExchange! Since we have a market, i've closed the manual Bitcoin payments.
2019-04-11 04:27:37 suhongjie : Hello! This is a liar standing?
2018-12-09 12:02:10 suhongjie : How much is 1000pts and how long is the payment time?
2018-11-03 11:20:23 jamata :
2018-10-31 13:08:42 parthgajjar1995 : how to do ?
2018-10-29 21:20:57 admin : hello :)

Welcome to CoolindarkCoin Ads & Paid to Promote

CoolindarkCoin Ads & Paid to Promote is a PTP (Paid-To-Promote) Site
Here, we pay you to promote an advertising page
Your personal promotion page is provided free of charge after your registration.
For each visit to your promotion page you receive 1 point(s), which will be converted into CoolindarkCoin at the beginning of each month.
You can broadcast your promotion page in Autosurf, PTR, PTC, Forum, pts. (Spam forbidden and iframes regulated)
Payments are made with CoolindarkCoin and can be claimed as soon as 100 CC.
You can exchange CoolindarkCoin in NovaExchange! CoolindarkCoin / Bitcoin Market

Here's how the winnings are distributed :

- Gain per Visit : 1 point(s)
- Gain by Visiting your Referrals : 0.2 point
- Total Payment : CoolindarkCoin
- Payout : 100 CC

Do you like the idea ?, So do not hesitate, register now!!


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